Sitcom developed with the support of SVT

Writers: Lovisa Inserra & Emma K Dixgård
Producer: Emma K Dixgård

An un-astronaut-like group of space enthusiasts are selected to run a mission to Mars with one goal only - to claim the red planet before anyone else gets there.

The revered sense of history-in-the-making is reduced to an endless string of human error. This group is by no means fit for space travel. As they slowly undermine each other - and the mission, the cowardly heroes have second thoughts. But there is no exit clause: they just have to bite the dust, put their diapers on and get ready to fly on their one-way trip to the outskirts of our solar system.

MARS MELLOW transforms mankind’s glorious quest to an exposé of humankind’s flaws and space will never be quite as prestigious again.