Feature Film in development

GENRE: Thriller
LANGUAGE: English / Russian / Swedish
DIRECTOR: Henry Moore Selder
WRITER: Oliver Dixon
PRODUCER: Emma K Dixgård

STOCKHOLM, 1972. The cold war is at its peak - but on the neutral ground of Sweden, people are more occupied with women’s liberation and protest marches against Vietnam. MICHAEL, an American assassin with a mission to kill a dangerous Russian General in hiding, sublets a room from a flamboyant female artist who lives across from the Russian family. When his orders change to stay and surveil rather than “eliminate and vanish”, he is forced to change his ways. As an ill twist of fate, the socially awkward assassin accidentally befriends the young boy of the Russian family he is about to destroy. As the target approaches, Michael’s newly found respect for life becomes not only a threat to the mission - but worst of all - to the little boy’s life.

Under development with EAVE Producer's Program 2014.