A military thriller in 10 episodes by Emma K Dixgård & Lovisa Inserra. Developed with the support of The Swedish Film Institute.

The investigation of a cyber attack aimed at the Swedish military, lands on KAJSA EK’s desk the first day at her new job.

Kajsa, a workaholic and a single mother, is nothing like your regular hero, she is a coward operating safely from behind her computer screen. She uncovers a lead that points to the grandson of the Commander-in-chief - the problem is, the grandson died a few months ago in a presumed accident.

As a series of larger attacks hits Sweden, NATO steps in accusing Russia of starting a cyberwar. Kajsa, however, is of a different opinion - the enemy is much closer to home.

She teams up with the dead boys father, a Swedish officer with nothing left to lose. Together they expose a weakness that can make nearly any system vulnerable - the real inside threat - family.