Science Fiction Film in development
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Lovisa Inserra.
PRODUCER: Emma K Dixgård

SID and MIVA are sisters and best friends. They live on a planet called LEXRA, where their father, the goodhearted ruler of 20 years, is dying. The battle for his succession turns to war as BITO, the military commander, revolts and claims the throne. SID is determined to reclaim their rightful command but her sister MIVA leaves her and joins the people’s revolution. The two of them experience the civil war from opposite sides of the conflict, but both find it hard to let go of the power they inherited.

AD BELLUM is a film that shows a world in flux. A world where violence breeds where democracy fails. The battles are fought through dog-fights (air-to-air combat) and Kendo tournaments (stick fights). The tournaments end with the winner having to sacrifice something be it a limb, their eyes, their tongue or their life. These battles frame a search for answers that permeate the story; Is inequality at the core of all conflict? When people have nothing left to lose is their only advantage the ultimate sacrifice - life?